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Factory 33 is a family business, and is headed-up by time-served engineers Martin Krzywina, and Karina Ringer-Krzywina. Their backgrounds include over 10 years’ experience in the manufacture of precision engineered components for Formula 1, cryogenic, aerospace, nuclear, medical, and other industries, including R&D activities.
Factory 33 delivers a premium quality service to all its clients, to meet the high quality and high standards that those customers expect. And that includes being on-time with deliveries.
We specialise in multi-axis CNC milling and turning, operating with a vast range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, steel, brass and copper, for example. We can also machine many different types of plastics. 
Our expertise allows us to work with clients from the very early stages of design and development, through to manufacturing and supplying the finished product – and all with a keen eye on meeting your budget.

Factory 33 has invested in state-of-the-art CNC machining centres, with the very latest Hexagon EdgeCam CAD-CAM software package, to maintain the company ethos of delivering perfection.



Hurco VMX30Ti 

- X,Y,Z - Axis travel 762 x 508 x 610mm
- 12K RPM Spindle with chiller
- 4th axis rotary table
- Coolant thru spindle 
- Renishaw OMP40 Probe
- Programmable air nozzle
- Chip conveyor 

Hurco TM8i  


- Max turning dia 356mm

- Max turning length 483mm

- 4,8K RPM Spindle

- MT3 Hydraulic tailstock 

- Parts catcher 

- Chip conveyor 


Hurco VM10i  

- X,Y,Z - Axis travel 660 x 406 x 508mm

- 10K RPM Spindle

- Programmable air nozzle

- Chip auger

Hurco VMX30UDi 

- Full 5 Axis Simultanouse
- X,Y,Z - Axis travel 762 x 508 x 520mm

- A - Axis travel +30 / -110 deg
- C - Axis travel 360 deg
- 15K RPM Direct Drive Spindle with chiller
- Linear Scales on all axis 

- Coolant thru spindle 
- Renishaw RMP40 Probe
- Programmable air nozzle
- Chip conveyor 


Aberlink Axiom too CMM

- X,Y,Z (CNC) - Axis 640 x 600 x 500mm 
- Renishaw RTP20 automatic indexing probe
- Renishaw MCR20 change rack
- Renishaw TP20 probes
- Volumetric accuracy (2.4+L/250)um
- Aberlink 3D,
- Aberlink CAD Comparison
- Aberlink Programming from CAD (offline)

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