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Factory 33 is an independent CNC machining company, specialising in turned and milled components. Our attention to detail, and precision, are just two key elements that exceed the expectations of our many satisfied customers. 


We are committed to high standards of cleanliness, and such an environment is essential for manufacturing precision components to very fine tolerances.


Factory 33 prides itself on delivering excellent customer service.


All customers are important to us: from a private individual looking to source a one-off solution, to the largest blue-chip clients seeking the very best in low-volume manufacturing, all our customers are treated with the same confidentiality, professionalism and care.


Factory 33 has the capability to deliver complex products, often to meet very short lead times. We are so serious about meeting your deadlines, that we often improve on them. And all without compromising on quality.

CNC Machining in Carterton

CNC Machining Carterton

CNC Turning Carterton

CNC Milling Carterton

CNC Turning 

CNC Milling

CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machine Workshop

Precision Engineering



CNC Machine shop in carterton near base

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